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Samarites Vehicle Project Update

The many generous contributions by Pan Arcadian Federation Districts, Chapters, members, and friends has finally resulted in the purchase and donation of a 4-wheel drive vehicle to the Samarites (the Search and Rescue Unit of the Greek Red Cross) of Tripolis, Greece. The Western District donated $1,000 towards this project, plus an additional $200 was donated in memory of Bill Maheras. See the thank you letters and photo of the vehicle from Supreme President Reveliotis for the $1,000 donation and for the $200 donation.

Samarites Vehicle Project

The Pan Arcadian Federation (PFA), at its 2010 New York National Convention, and the Supreme Lodge unanimously approved to undertake a project so special and meaningful that it will make all of us proud to be Arcadians. The PFA is committed to purchase and donate a 4-wheel drive vehicle to the Samarites (the Search and Rescue Unit of the Greek Red Cross) of Tripolis, Greece. This vehicle will enable the Samarites to improve their method of transporting victims, supplies, and equipment in their rescue efforts.

The PFA is launching a national fundraising campaign for this worthy project. The success of this campaign is credited largely to all Arcadians—individuals, chapters, and districts—who cultivate the idea of cooperation, mutual help, and benevolence.

In order to accomplish the goal of purchasing the 4-wheel drive vehicle, we need to raise $45,000 (30,000 Euros). The PFA needs your help. The PFA needs your participation. The PFA needs your financial support. All donations are needed and appreciated, regardless of size. Please think about how INDIVIDUALS, CHAPTERS, AND DISTRICTS may contribute to this campaign: host events that allow the proceeds to be donated to the project; budget donations from the treasuries; solicit funds from appropriate donors and sponsors. Contributions should be made out to PFA and mailed to PFA National Headquarters, 880 N. York Street, Elmhurst, IL 60126.

The PFA is counting on your support. The Samarites of Tripolis, Greece are counting on your support. The victims of accidents, fires, and earthquakes are counting on your support. Please feel free to contact me or any member of the Samarites Vehicle Project Committee with any questions you may have. Thank you in advance for your willingness to support the efforts of this worthy project. It will make a difference in our preserving the relationship between our homeland and America.

Fraternally yours,

Samarites Vehicle Project Committee

George Anastasopoulos, Chairman

John Bournazos, Co-Chairman

James Tsiolis, Co-Chairman

John Vemis, Co-Chairman

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